Choosing a Business Phone System? Ask These Questions

Remember the days when business phones were all about making and receiving phone calls? Besides looking for the best deal on local and long-distance phone service, decision makers only had a few choices and features to consider for conventional landlines.

‘What phone features and options are most important to the business?

Are you a small business that wants to appear larger or more professional? Consider unified communication systems that offer automated-attendants, toll-free or local numbers, and directory listings for getting callers connected with the right person quickly.

Features that allow users to seamlessly switch from a desk phone to their smartphone, without giving out their personal number are also beneficial for giving employees more flexibility and freedom.

Voicemail-to-email, call forwarding, call recording, missed call notifications, and options that allow users to make and receive calls directly from their computers are also useful for many businesses.

‘What are the benefits of a hosted solution?’

Save money!  If you thought your organization couldn’t afford or get access to the best phone features because of your size, think again! Today’s phone systems give small and medium-sized business access to a wide range of calling functions that just a decade ago may have only been available to large enterprises.

Save time!  A web-based management portal can revolutionize your office phone system from an administration, call management, and user and caller experience perspective – all at a fraction of the cost of conventional PBX hardware-based systems.

‘What happens when we add a new branch office or just add an employee?’

With web-based management tools, all you need to manage your phone system is an internet connection, which means when you acquire a new company or open a new branch office, new users only need to be given a login and a desk phone, if you’ve selected that option, and they can be up and running immediately.

What if my internet connection goes down?

If this happens, you need to have a plan!  That plan should include a backup connection for your internet, like a 4G Internet solution.

With unified communication solutions, you have the ability to use a mobile app on your smartphone.

Partner with a technology company like Applied Synergy Group so that you have a solid business continuity plan that ensures peace of mind and stress-free technology!