We like to be predictable.

Did you know that one of the most costly obstacles to productivity is a poorly managed IT network? With Applied Synergy Group advanced monitoring and maintenance solutions, you’ll save time and money by outsourcing one of the most common business blind spots to our dedicated management and consulting professional: technology. Prior to signing up for our monthly subscription, we want you to experience the true business value of a properly managed IT network. That's why we offer all prospective partners the opportunity to try our services free for 30 days. During your free thirty day trial you’ll receive:

Our monitoring and maintenance software on all of your workstations and servers.

A monthly on-site visit by our network administrator to perform a comprehensive health and status check, including an expert analysis of any recurring technical issues that are critical to your business.

CIO-level guidance and advice on vendor management, technology planning, and budgeting.

Technology consulting on mobile device management, backup and disaster recovery, cloud solutions for data and collaboration, and any and all questions you may have regarding our services.

With our free 30 day trial, we guarantee you’ll learn how continual investment in proper IT maintenance is much less costly to your business than neglecting your technology needs. Ready to get started?

Try our services and begin saving today, with our free 30-day trial.

“Dave and his team have earned my trust both by their responsiveness and resolution when I’ve needed them, and by avoiding problems altogether through their disciplined maintenance program. They are like an extension of my team and in a short time proved to be a vital resource.”

– Susan Hodgkinson, Principal, The Personal Brand Company